Team Building Pogrammes

A longer list of our programmes can be found on , you can also see some of our featured programmes below:

Anergy Synergy Race – Adapted from the TV reality game show, "Amazing Race", we have several themes you can choose from

One of our flagship programmes that we have run at least 350 times since 2003 around different cities in Asia, this highly customizable team programme is an all-time favorite. Participants can travel on foot alone or take a wide range of public transportation like trains, taxis, ferries or even planes (depending on budget).

Different themes include "Crime Scene Detectives", "Food Paradise" and "Grand Prix Racers".

If you have other meeting themes, we are also able to customize the station tasks to fit your theme.

Laser Shootout Team Building – Command and Conquer

Laser shootout is one of our programmes that is slightly more physically demanding. It involves carrying out different combat mission while being equipped with an electronic laser tag gun (made of metal). It is much like playing a real-life computer war game with your friends.

It will kind of remind you of paintball but this time, the bullets fly straight over a longer distance and you can't insist that you are alive when you are shot as your gun will deactivate and your indicators will light up.

Video Production Team Building

Producing a video clip over a short span of time requires creativity, dedication, good time management and of course a stroke of genius. A good scrip, proper storyboarding, good camera angles and actors are all essential ingredients that will produce a winning video.

However, win or lose, our participants will remember this activity and will talk about it for a long time to come. This programme gives participants a reason to let their hair down and step out of their comfort zone to make a fool of themselves in the name of entertainment.

Anergy Wheel of Chaos

Wheel of Chaos is a combination of the classic game show "Wheel of Fourtune", "The Pyramid Game" (where participants answer questions from very wide genres) and drinking games we play with our friends.

Participants spin our Wheel of Chaos upon successfully answering each questions and decide if they will accept the outcome (usually when it is a reward) or pass it on to another team (when it is a prank) to take up the challenge.

Expect the unexpected, be ready to step out of your comfort zone and be prepared to laugh till you tear if you choose to participate in this chaotic game show with your team.

Rocket Scientist

Using simple materials, participants will build a rocket that can fly over 4 -storey high (or across half a soccer field).

They will be required to work in sub-teams to build the launch mechanism, the launch pad, decorate the paper rocket and ensure that their rocket fly the highest (or furthest).

Planning, communication, creativity and a good craftsmanship all play a part in this interesting challenge.